Beginner Wheel Throwing workshop

This is an 8 week workshop covering the basics of creating pottery on the wheel organized around three stages: 1. Throwing, 2. Trimming, 3. Glazing. Most people come through this process with several small to medium sized pieces ranging from small bowls, plates, cups and/or mugs as well as a better understanding of the creative process generally.

Advanced Wheel Throwing workshop

This 4-5 week workshop is best suited for someone who is hoping to pursue pottery in their home studio, or simply trying to bring their skill to the next level. In the advanced workshop students are given the opportunity to stretch their skills and expand their understanding of throwing. The class is organized around one or two projects that the entire class pursues together along with the instructor. They will be given step by step instruction as they seek to master more advanced techniques such as, lidded forms, multi part forms, darting, throwing large, throwing off the hump, throwing a series, throwing a bat, etc.

Hand building Class

This one night 3 hour class is perfect for a night out with a friend, date night, or just a chance to get out of the house. In it you will will be led through the process of creating something using the slab building technique from inception to decoration. The class is structure around 2 main stages: You will shape, attach and texture the form, and decorating with glaze. In this class you can expect to come away with a completed project, from a cup or bowl to a garden or Christmas ornament and loads in between!

Studio Rental

Whether you are a potter with a home studio but are looking for somewhere to fire your work, or someone who wants to continue to make space for a creative outlet in your life after your workshop is over, Little Creek has you covered. Studio Rental gives you access to the studio, including the wheels, tools and your own shelf, as well as glaze and the kiln.